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Going Home Ministries

My Dearest Friends,

Many of you have asked me for years when I was coming back to the industry. I feel more like I'm COMING HOME than coming back!

My new company is actually a ministry called GOING HOME MINISTRIES. It was inspired by the Word of God and is an extension of a grief intervention ministry I am developing at my home church, Baptist Temple, in McAllen, TX.

Each morning my dedicated staff and I ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration and blessings on the works of art that we will create that day. In addition, we pray for you, our funeral home partners, that God will give you the wisdom and fortitude to conduct your calling in a way that truly impacts the communities you serve. And finally, we pray for your families, that through our Celebration Covers, God will grant them that "peace which is beyond all understanding".


Celebration Covers John Sparacino


 I have listened to your likes and dislikes for the products I created in the past and I offer you improvements that I guarantee your families will fall in love with. We literally attack "four of the five senses" to bring your families an amazing gift that will create loyalties for your firm which will last for generations.

Two of my partners are pioneers in the knitting and sublimation industry with over 50 years of knitting experience and providing fine knit products for such stores as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Good Morning America. You may see our partner email used at times which is PhotoThrow, Inc. so don't be concerned about it.

I look forward to working with you as I introduce the third generation of tapestry memorials with our Celebration Covers™.

In Him,

John A. Sparacino

Original Creator of the Tribute Blanket* and Remembrance Life Throw**

* Tribute Blanket is a registered trademark of Funeral Home Gifts, Lynn, NC
** Remembrance Life Throw is a registered trademark of Woven Remembrance, Fort Worth, Tx.