What goes into making Celebration Covers™


How can you describe our amazing Celebration Covers™ ?  - Proprietary in every way!


After months of research and development we are proud to bring this remarkable substrate to the marketplace. Knitting industry artisans with almost 100 years of experience have worked on developing this patent pending knitted substrate to bring the finest quality to our clients.


Optic White Yarn



Our proprietary blend of optic white, polyester and virgin white, suave acrylic offers a previously unavailable level of softness and feel to this amazing memorial product. Weighing in at almost two and one-half pounds, the Italian knit Celebration Cover is a true blanket in every sense of the word. Your families will love cuddling up with their lost loved ones Celebration Cover.

Measuring an impressive, yet manageable, 40" X 60" in size, our patented Italian knit Celebration Covers have a secretly added "display casing" that easily accepts a rod or dowel for easy hanging at the service or later in a place of honor at their homes.

(Available in portrait orientation designs only)


Secret Casing

 Essential Oils  



We finish the Celebration Cover with an infusion of genuine

Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

We combine a proprietary mixture of Rosemary for remembrance

and the comfort of Lavender to help them thru the stress and grief cycle.

When you combine the sweater softness and luxury of our Italian Knit, the aromatherapy mixture and the brilliant color designs that explode off of the optic virgin white knit, our Celebration Cover is a true multi sensory experience that will have your families clamoring for more.

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