Why Celebration Covers™ is right for your business.


  • Our first tribute type blanket was good.
  • Our second Remembrance Throw was better.
  • Our all new Celebration Covers™ is by far the best.

Here are reason why Celebration Covers™ will be a perfect opportunity for you.

A more manageable size: 40"x 60". Why fight the huge size and ways to display it?  Our Celebration Covers™ are the perfect and appropriate size for your clients.

Better materials like beautiful and brilliant, Virgin, optic white, knitted cover. Machine washable. Won't shrink or fade. It is made exclusively for Going Home Ministries. You won't find anyone else using this material.

A quality product should possess brilliant colors especially when displaying images of departed loved ones. Celebration Covers™ are made with vibrant colors that jump off our bright, white substrate.

We call it "baby butt soft". Families will want to wrap themselves in our amazingly soft Celebration Covers™. It is truly a finely made, Italian knitted cover.


Knitted in at the top of the cover is a "display casing" that makes it possible for a dowel, curtain rod or pole to be inserted. This makes display or handling quick and easy.

Our most powerful sense! Using the science of Aromatherapy, our Celebration Covers™ utilize a proprietary blend of essential oils. It is meant not as a perfume, but rather as a means to attain physical and emotional equilibrium during the grief process. They smell amazing!

Our custom made Celebration Covers™ stands are perfect in size, weight and portability to allow easy transport and set up quickly and easily in any setting.

My last introduction into the market enjoyed an  80.1 % reorder rate and a zero failure rate. This will become a profit center for you not to mention make your business stand out in the marketplace.

Why not be the only one in your market to offer the best product available? Celebration Covers™ is a unique product in remembrance of unique people.


If you found yourself blocked from becoming a dealer in your market, now is your chance to take advantage of the ability to get into the business and you can BLOCK YOUR COMPETITORS FOR A CHANGE